The DP&TA ™ was developed with more than 7,000 chronic pain patients over a period of 30 years by part former part time staff members of Johns Hopkins Hospital.


It consists of 72 questions with 2,008 possible answers. The diagnoses generated by the MCD Diagnostic Paradigm have a 95% correlation with diagnoses of former Johns Hopkins Hospital staff members.


In an addition to providing a comprehensive set of actual diagnoses, the DP&TA generates specific and detailed treatment algorithms which begin with the least expensive and invasive tests and treatments and progress through a series of increasingly complex tests and treatments.


By following the recommended course of tests and treatments, a treating physician can expect results comparable to those achieved at the clinic.


Like the Pain Validity Test, the Diagnostic Paradigm & Treatment Algorithm is available on-line in English or Spanish.


Depending on the nature and number of the patient’s symptoms, it can be completed in 15 to 90 minutes under proctored conditions at specially trained physical and occupational therapy clinics through- out the US.

  Pain Validity Test ™

To address the problem of accurately differentiating individuals with valid complaints of pain from ones who are malingering, faking or exaggerating, former faculty members at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine developed a verbal test – the MCD Pain Validity Test™ – which was originally validated on 796 chronic pain patients, with results published in seven peer-reviewed articles in medical journals.      


As documented in the most recent of these articles, the Pain Validity Test (PVT ™) can


predict which chronic pain clients will have moderate or severe abnormalities on objective medical tests with 95% accuracy.


predict which chronic pain complainants will have mild or no abnormalities on objective medical tests with 85% accuracy.


The PVT has been successfully used without challenge at the pre-deposition, deposition, and in trial in numerous cases in a variety of jurisdictions, in 8 states.



The PVT is available in English or Spanish and can be completed in 10 to 15 minutes over the Internet in your office, in a doctor's office or under proctored conditions at specially trained physical and occupational therapy clinics nationwide.


* including  MRIs, myelograms, CTs, 3D-CTs, flexion-extension x-rays, electro-myography, nerve conduction studies, quantitative flow-meter studies, nerve blocks, root blocks, etc.


Diagnostic Paradigm
   & Treatment Algorithm ™
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